Back to Back Homespun Wool
  • Back to Back Homespun Wool

    June Bourke, the owner of Back to Back, shears the wool from her flock of Jacob’s sheep. She spins it on a traditional spinning wheel and then uses natural plants to dye the wool. Finally, June knits one-a-kind creations using unique patterns. It is truly an artisanal process that requires hard work and dedication – a process that is difficult to come across nowadays. 


    Each ball of homespun wool weighs 100 grams. 


    The following colours were made with these natural plants/ingredients: 


    Dark Purple: Logwood

    Light Purple: Logwood

    Green: Nettles

    Grey: Natural Colour

    Yellow: Turmeric

    Hot Pink: Cochineal

    Light Pink: Cochineal 

    Baby Blue: Woad

    Tan: Onion Skins