Back to Back Baby Bootees
  • Back to Back Baby Bootees

    These adorable bootees were handknit using homespun wool. The brown and grey are natural colours from Jacob’s sheep, and the accent colours (pink, yellow, blue) were achieved by dyeing the wool with natural plants.  


    Ingredients used by colour: 

    Pink: Cochineal

    Blue: Indigo

    Yellow: Gorse


    Fits babies from 1 to 6 months old. 


    About Back to Back: 

    June Bourke, the owner of Back to Back, shears the wool from her flock of Jacob’s sheep. She spins it on a traditional spinning wheel and then uses natural plants to dye the wool. Finally, June knits one-a-kind creations using unique patterns. It is truly an artisanal process that requires hard work and dedication – a process that is difficult to come across nowadays.